Hi, I’m RJ. My wife says that computers are my life. Although I’d agree in some respects, I think that besides my consulting business and my teaching, they are probably less important.

I recently moved from Elk Grove, CA arriving there from Nebraska in 1986 on a temporary assignment and later became a resident. Before you decide that I was getting away from the flatlands and dreary living, I’d remind those who know a lot about Nebraska, that the Republican River valley (where I came from) is really beautiful. In California, Lake Tahoe would be a regular accommodation, if I had the $$$ (during the winter). I’d probably choose Yosemite during the spring, San Francisco during the summer, and Sonoma or Apple Hill when fall arrived. Alas, weekend outings are the best I can do! ... having spent 22 years in California, I decided that Kansas would be a better environment to raise my children ... I have sinced moved to the midwest!

Further information is available at www.rjdake.com ... if you have any comments or would like to have me do a workshop, e-mail me at: rjdake@rjdake.com

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